Stereotonic provides visual solutions for musicians, including website, packaging, branding and poster design.

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What We Do

As a small, driven design agency, we provide musicians (& other such people) the communication tools necessary to connect with fans and the industry. Our services include branding, website design & development, CD & DVD packaging, marketing, merchandise design, copywriting, and more.


Christopher Tobias

Owner / Creative Director / Designer 

Christopher Tobias is the fuzzy brains behind Stereotonic and its Whiz-Bang remedies. Seeing the need for good design in music, Chris, along with fellow designer and friend Bryan Martin, started the endeavor in 2009. Since that time Bryan has gone on to do great things. So, logically, Chris is dependent on an extraordinary network of talented people backing him up. He isn’t new to the design scene, however. Since 1996 he has been peddling his trade as a book cover designer. His work can be found on an array of titles, including a number of New York Times bestsellers.



Clint Simpson

Artist Relations Manager

Putting his Rolodex and years in the music industry to good use, Clint is the Artist Relations Manager for Stereotonic. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves and many of the industry’s brightest new stars such as The Vespers, Seryn, and The Whistles & The Bells.



Matt Ayers

Video Production

Like the boy scouts, Matt is always prepared. Matt comes to Stereotonic with a desire to help the clients communicate articulately the vision and passion behind their project. Matt brings big and small brand experience (and various other talents) to the special sauce used in the Whiz-Bang remedy. He doesn’t see the need for a white board with Pros and Cons, he just sees the objectives and makes them a reality. When not in the office you can find Matt sipping coffee, instagramming, trying out new jokes on people, crowd-surfing at the concert, or playing the air guitar.



Lee Ekstrom


Lee Ekstrom is the crafter of words and prospector of information. Lee has a passion for discovering the big idea, or golden nugget, and crafting unique copy that conveys the message in a relevant way. Branding is always top of mind for Lee, as he is a brand steward and lead digital copywriter for the Jeep brand. He’s been working on the Jeep creative team since 2000 and is currently weaving stories at the SapientNitro Detroit office. Downtime is spent with family, instagramming (@jeepwriter), backpacking with Boy Scouts, and dreaming of power tools.


A/B Duo  / Flute & Percussion

Andrew Peterson /  Singer-songwriter

Art House North / Concert Venue

Ashley Daneman / Singer-songwriter

Big City Grits / Comedy

Brass Jar Music / Artist Rep.

Brooke Waggoner / Singer-songwriter

Camille Zapora / Soprano

Cure International / Nonprofit

Elizabeth Cameron / Soprano

Emily Elbert / Singer-songwriter

Gordon Paul / Singer-songwriter

John Rutherford / Trombonist

Josh Garrels / Singer-songwriter

Justin McRoberts / Singer-songwriter

Kirk Cameron / Actor & Director

Little Chief / Folk pop

Mason Jar Music / Collective

Motor City Horns / Brass


Nomad & Lola / Singer-songer duo

Patmos / Worship

Plastic Sky / Singer-songwriter

Ryan Bell / Singer-songwriter

Sara Groves / Singer-songwriter

Spectrum Brass / Brass Quintet

Taylor Atkinson Band / Red dirt

The Gray Havens / Folk pop

The Vespers / Folk pop

The Whistles & The Bells / Folk Rock

Vince Costa / Country

Western Michigan University

Will Seabrook / Rock for Human Rights



  • Working with Stereotonic on my project was such a pleasure, in that they strike the rare balance of being an excellent creatives while also being timely and totally professional. I’d highly recommend Stereotonic to anyone who needs their album art and design to match the level of care and thought that they’ve put into their music.

    Josh GarrelsSinger-Songwriter
  • It would be difficult to overstate what an amazing experience we’ve had working with Stereotonic.  Chris is one of the  few people in this world who is excels equally in creativity and professionalism. When it comes to design, Stereotonic is just the thing for what ails ya!

    Jon SealeMason Jar Music
  • We owe a great deal of our initial success to Chris at Stereotonic for portraying our brand effectively and getting concert presenters to sit up and take notice.  

    Jacob CameronSpectrum Brass (Founder, Tubist)

We have the cure for what ails you.




The Journal

Thoughts, findings, news and more.

4 Feb 2014

The Whistles & The Bells

The Whistles & The Bells is former Cadillac Sky member Bryan Simpson. I was thrilled to have been part of his debut project for Bryan's new group. I've heard the tracks on this album and I have to say that it is downright intriguing, personal and honest. The music is killer: think Alt-J meets Mumford, with lots of guitar. This album rocks  a category all its own. The cover art is a bit that way

3 Feb 2014

Branding for “In the Round Tour 2014″

It was a great honor to be asked to design the poster, branding, and other promotional materials for Compassion International's In the Round Tour 2014, featuring Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves, and Robbie Seay. This project was completed for Streamline Productions in Nashville. With the design we tried to give the materials a very light, airy, almost book-like quality, like you might see on a paperback fiction cover. This was to reflect the type of lyrical,

Custom & Semi-Custom Website Design & Development
CD & DVD Packaging Design
Logo & Branding Development & Design
Concert Branding, including Posters, Playbills, Social Media design & more
Coming Soon: Music Video Production


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